Advise on Late-Night for Youths

Youths have nature to go out at night and go home late. Countless news reports about crimes happen during the night. Here and there we hear a woman is raped and a guy is found prostrated with several stabs. Such news reports are heard all over the world yet there are still so many who walk through the night. How can we avoid terrible crimes that could befall us? If only we knew what would happen to us in the next five minutes!

Youths should not walk alone even in lighted places. A person who is crazy and demon-possessed can perform his motive even in such places. You should not get drunk anywhere. Even if you think that you are safe because you are with your friends, you should not do it. There are numerous stories about this. Your friends could never protect you.

No matter what happens, you should brace yourself with your awareness and be careful with your friends. Who knows your friends would betray you? This is what you needed agency in coming to China. Open this webpage for more. This is an assuring agency that will totally help you.

You should always bring with you a weapon against your enemy. This may not be a knife. You could also prepare a deadly spray. Always hold this spray while going home or even inside a taxi.

Never follow a drunk man who is not close to you. You can not imagine how the devil works. When you ride in someone’s car or a taxi going home, send the plate number and the driver’s name to many of your family members or relatives. For your application for passport, here is the best. Look more into this link 台中外交部. It will help and guide you.