Projects of Different Foundation established in our society

The only reason why a foundation was established is to eradicate violence against humanity especially for women and children who are believed to be weak. For this, the foundation devised a plan on how they could run towards their goal.  Child Care Program is one of their projects. This foundation negotiates with educators and social workers who could talk about the matter of violence awareness. Some children and students who have never experienced any violence might get shocked when they come across to it someday.

This is why they have to be aware of this.¬†Parenting Education is another part of the foundation’s project. In reality, some parents are not very sensitive to child abuse but they should join the education about how they should care, protect and raise their own children against the dark influences of the society so that their children can stay away from such terrible experiences.The foundation has also worked with some foundations of the same vision so they can become stronger in imposing their goal.

They also offer fun activities for children to spend their time. For example, they built a playhouse for children to find comfort. They cannot control children in every way but at least they can give an opportunity for children to step away from violence. They deliver speeches in schools and in public regarding how violence against human rights should be suppressed so that people will no longer be weak instead they should have a strong fighting spirit to claim their rights. You can also help this foundation with your support.