Understanding Domestic Violence

Each individual have a different personality and family background. And when two people with opposite gender who are very different from each other meet and establish a relationship that leads into marriage, changes begins. Couples who might be thinking that they already knew each other should no longer think about such a thought. The only moment that a couple can know each other well is when they stay together in one roof. There are many possible things that can happen during the relationship stage of a couple.

There is a term “Domestic Abuse”. What is this all about? This can be physical or psychological. When it comes to physical abuse, there are two characters known as the “battered and batterer”. Usually, the battered refers to the wife and the batterer refers to the husband. This type of violence can greatly affect the victim. In a marital relationship, one can possibly try to assert control over the other to prove that he is more superior. There are various ways wherein this is showed.

It could be through emotional abuse, insults and threats. The victim is very pitiful in this case. If the victim experiences being battered, she will end up being depressed and have the feeling of self-worthlessness. When this happens, it is not easy for the victim to overcome. There are also cases wherein one partner forces the other to do sex leading to an intimate partner sexual violence. There are various reasons why such domestic violence is happening that affects the relationship of all the family members.